Saturday, March 2, 2013

Review by Brenda F. Washington D.C., DC

Well this place is getting 5 stars on customer service, ambiance and food. I called the restaurant to see if it was still open. The owner answered and said we were almost closing but come on in. I have a table for you. I was with my Moroccan friend who I just started introducing Latin cuisine to. We were very satisfied on the service and how delicious the food was.

The mixta fajitas and the shrimp in garlic sauce were excellent. The beef taquitos are so tasty and favorite appetizer on the menu.

Thank you again Haydee for being a wonderful person to your customers. You are a very nice and sweet young lady. We will definitely come back and I will refer friends over to your restaurant. I am one happy and satisfied customer. Thank you Haydee for making our experience at your restaurant memorable. :)
Listed in: Best Happy Hour

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