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Review by Brenda F. Washington D.C., DC

Well this place is getting 5 stars on customer service, ambiance and food. I called the restaurant to see if it was still open. The owner answered and said we were almost closing but come on in. I have a table for you. I was with my Moroccan friend who I just started introducing Latin cuisine to. We were very satisfied on the service and how delicious the food was.

The mixta fajitas and the shrimp in garlic sauce were excellent. The beef taquitos are so tasty and favorite appetizer on the menu.

Thank you again Haydee for being a wonderful person to your customers. You are a very nice and sweet young lady. We will definitely come back and I will refer friends over to your restaurant. I am one happy and satisfied customer. Thank you Haydee for making our experience at your restaurant memorable. :)
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Review by Solace C. Clarksburg, MD

Omg this place. This place has real good Spanish food!!!!!!!!!!!!! Food is soooo food... You can always here the steak sizzling... Whether you get steak, beef, seafood or chicken it is so well seasoned and fresh. I love their fried yucca.. Im working on trying everything off the menu. Employees are friendly and know when to refill your drinks and bring you whatever you like. I love their drinks. They have mariachi bands and karaoke certain nights.

Review Updated - 3/25/2012 by Nicole W. Washington, DC

Okay okay- we went back for a 2nd try this weekend.

We went back on a Friday night at around 9pm, and as predicted in my previous review, this place was much funner and *hip* at night.  Mariachi band blastin', jukebox taking over on their breaks... place was packed!

Ordered a pitcher of margaritas (not too strong, not too dull).. and I ordered the tilapia soft tacos this time.  Pretty darn good!  A lot of food for what we were paying for.  The tacos were a delicious blend of pan fried tilapia and caramelized onions.  I have to say, I was impressed.  Service was happy, friendly, and the food arrived in a normal amount of time (no mircowaving tonight!).

Just goes to show, try twice before writing a Yelp review. :)

Review by dcfoodie77 on August 20, 2007

Review by dcfoodie77 on August 20, 2007

Haydee's is a great place to eat, especially for late night snacks. They almost always have a table ready and the food comes really quickly. The servers are always really friendly and always keep up on your drinks. The portions are big. It's not gourmet food nor is it the most healthy food (they put lots of cheese on a lot of the dishes), but it tastes great (even better with a Tecate or Corona). The shrimp is usually really good here too --I had the garlic shrimp dish which was awesome. I used to get the shrimp cocktail dish, but didn�t see it on the menu this last visit. This restaurant is what Mt. Pleasant is really about. Also, if you get a chance, say hi to Miss Haydees -- she is most welcoming and pleasant. I always have a good time here and usually meet interesting characters as well (a great place to practice your Spanish too).

A Zagat User reviewed 10 months ago

A Zagat User reviewed 10 months ago
Atmosphere Excellent Decor Very good Service Very good
fun, filling, fast service. delicious mexican-style food, with frequent music performances. even without the music, it is loud / hopping